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Who's Who  - Vernard W. Henley

    We at Www. all-winners.net, take this moment to, humble ourselves and salute, one... Mr. V. W. Henley - 
Former CEO and Chairman of the Board... Consolidated Bank and Trust Company
, as he passes the torch
of leadership to Mr. "Leon Scott" formerly of Hampton Univ. (HBCU).  In Mr. Scott's own words...
"Mr. Henley leaves tough shoes to fill"... and I, as an account holder with this organization,... I agree.
By our accounting, Mr. Henley joined Consolidated Bank and Trustco. in February 1958... becoming her "president" in 1971, and her Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, and Trust Officer in March 1984.  Educated locally in Richmond Public Schools, and an HBCU graduate of Virginia State University. As the Bank turns 99yrs old, we salute Mr. Vernard W. Henley for his toughness and his Leadership in the community. (
February 1958 - March 15, 2001)
V. W. Henley - Former CEO.- CB&T,
Consolidated Bank&Trustco. - North Consolidated Bank&Trustco. - East Consolidated Bank&Trustco. - South Consolidated Bank&Trustco. - Main | West
 5214 Chamberlayne Ave.  Creighton & Nine Mile.   3009 Hull Street.  320 North First St.     Vernard W. Henley

 North, East, South and West - still serving the Greater Richmond, Va. Community and Metropolitan Area.
 Additional Branches located , in Hampton and Newport News, Virginia.

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