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Biography -
Born in Richmond Virginia, started playing guitar as young boy,
at the age of 7. By 12 years of age, joined his first local band...
"Young Souls Unlimited". From that point, he has played with
such native Richmond Virginia, local names as "Brimstone",
Degree of Freedom, Chapter 7, Charisma, Anglo Saxon Brown,
"Ujima", The Waller Family, Steve Basset, Plunky & Oneness...
to name the few.

At the age of 15, was signed to his first major record label...
"Philadelphia International Records", as lead guitarist with
group, "Anglo Saxon Brown".

There, he was given the opportunities, to open for major artist,
such names as Kool & the Gang, The Isley Brothers,
The Temptations, Lou Rawls, The Ohio Players, Mothers Finest,
Stevie Ray Vaughn, Atlantic Starr, Ashford & Simpson....

Anthony Britt Ingram  

A Journey-men Musician...
Anthony toured, playing lead guitar for one of gospel music's
greatest... Miss Shirley Ceasar. And there, has shared the stage
with other gospel great entertainers... The Williams Brothers...
The Mighty Clouds of Joy.

A Studio Musician...
Anthony has done recordings and studio session work with a host
of well known Producers, like Michael Omartian, Joe Jefferson,
Charlie Simmons, Melvin Wah Wah Watson, Stu Gardener
and Gene McFadden.

A Producer and Songwriter...
Anthony has written and produced songs for The Waller Family,
Carlton Blunt... And now has Co-Produced his own, Jazz CD...
entitled... "
Strings In The Night ".

A Beloved Husband and Father...

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