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804-346-8891 V/M.                Richmond, Va. 23227-0582              804-346-0549 Fax.

Consultation - (since 1990) A sit-down face to face meeting of  ideas, and upon determining your computing needs & goals, we perform all of your shopping. And always Buying at Volume Pricing, we are able to pass on our discounts to you, our membership.
Installations - As Certified Computer Technicians, We will meet the delivery of your System at your door, and complete its Setup and Install with industry qualified expertise from Beginning to the End of the Sale.
New User Training - Our technicians hold multiple skill sets. As software specialist, and frequent users of  the many software products purchased with your system, we will sit with you, and aid you in the use of the many new features installed on your computer. This is Service after the Sale.
A Computer Tech will always be a phone call away.
Corporate Seminar - Our (Sm)Business users enjoy specialized attention given to their staff  in the use of  Software Applications, Hardware, and other Office Equipment, as well as identifying System Errors/Issues needing Technical Support.
Install | Configure | Upgrade - We term the "First-Sale" in our relationship with you, made in your behalf,  as a "One-Time-Purchase". But as Technology dictates change, we as industry professionals working for major corporations are able to stay in tune/touch with this rapid growth and the new advancements driving the marketplace, keeping your System(s) Up to Date.  
System Integration | Site Engineering - We Build Systems and Engineer Sites, for your Small Office, Home Office,  and Home Computer, to industry specifications, and to your needs. For we hold the Degree, the Certification, the Certificate, the Formal Training as well as work/apply our hands in the field... daily. Incorporating your existing Hardware/Software into a viable network and/or infrastructure.
Programming & Application Development - As a "MidRange Computer Services" provider, we can answer your  programming needs,  by building software applications and office methods from the software you already own, and offer to our membership such services as Data Warehousing, Digital Archive and Offsite Storage. 
WebPage Design - (since 2000)
How much?
Our Consulting in this area, is the start of you Marketing your business on the Internet. As a Test-Bed,  for how well you will do, or won't do, we offer a Business Web-Portal Site. A single location on the Web where you and other businesses alike can gain valuable insight into what's to come, The World Wide Web.  
Web Site Development Hosting & ECommerce - As your Business becomes of age, in an Internet Marketplace with World Wide Reach, your Vision for your organization, now healthy, mature and able to stand alone, we offer Web Site Development, Hosting and ECommerce packages to aid your growth and development.

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